Since the twelfth century matcha belonged as much to the tradition of the samurai as their legendary swords and was at the center of their tea ceremony. This ceremony follows to this day the timeless principles of the way of tea. It leads from harmony, respect and purity to tranquility. These principles prescribe the procedure and rhythm of the ritual. And they inspire the Kosho Matcha Effective cosmetics line with its specific values.

Kosho vor Ort beim Matcha-Anbau

Kosho adopts the ritual of the way of tea

All ingredients of Kosho Matcha Effective care products are precisely matched and carefully aligned. They are gentle and at the same time highly effective. Applied onto the skin, Kosho Matcha Effective creates a special, noticeable and lasting harmony you can feel. All Kosho Matcha Effective products are developed and produced with deep respect for people and nature. The careful selection of the purest raw materials ensures the quality. And the gentle, environmentally friendly production process meets highest demands of sustainability. The mild cleansing before the actual care gives you a feeling of purity. Kosho Matcha Effective helps you find a deep sense of well-being allowing you to relax and forget about everyday life – like a ritual. It is a ritual that makes us pause in wonderful tranquility. Together with harmony, respect and purity, this tranquility allows Kosho Matcha Effective to provide a unique, lasting experience for the senses. Every time you touch your skin. And in your thoughts for a long time thereafter.