Kosho organic matcha extract is the essence of Japanese organic matcha green tea. The tea is refined in a special production process in Switzerland to a highly effective matcha extract. The fully organic extract is what makes the Matcha Effective line so powerful. Read more about matcha and its properties in the “Matcha” section of the Kosho web site.

Matcha is finely ground green tea (Camelia sinensis), used for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies. The powder has an intense green color and a mildly sweet taste. It is very rich in precious catechins, vitamins and amino acids. Read more about matcha and its properties in the “Matcha” section of the Kosho web site.

The high concentration of valuable antioxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), protects your skin cells from cell changes caused by free radicals from UV radiation and other harmful environmental influences. Read more about the effect of Kosho products on your skin in the “Effect” section on the Kosho web site.

A peeling cleanses the skin surface effectively. The Kosho Multi-Effect Peeling contains fine exfoliating particles from bamboo and rice, which help remove dead skin cells from the skin’s top, cornified layer. Massaging the peeling gel into your skin increases the blood circulation. As a result, after a peeling the skin can absorb up to 70 percent more active ingredients of subsequent care products.

Kosho recognizes a very high level of responsibility towards nature and all living creatures. All Kosho products are developed and manufactured without animal testing. In addition to this, Kosho supports European legislation put in place March 11, 2013, banning the marketing of cosmetics whose safety has been tested on animals.

Kosho Cosmetics’ research, development and production take place in Switzerland as well as the manufacturing of the exclusive organic matcha extract.

The organic matcha green tea, the raw material of the valuable organic matcha extract, grows on the tea plantations of licensed organic tea farmers in Japan. Only there this unique natural product grows under optimal conditions. And only in Japan a few tea farmers still master the traditional production process of matcha with granite stone mills.