For Kosho as natural as its active substances

All products bearing the name Kosho consist exclusively of highly efficient plant-based ingredients. Kosho shows great accountability for the considerate, sustainable use of natural resources. These resources used in Kosho Matcha Effective include also plantain and mahonia, bamboo and rice, Japanese crocus and precious oils – in addition to the organic matcha extract.
Kosho’s respect for the growers of these natural products and for their culture is also self-evident.
The preparation of Kosho products meets current GMP (good manufacturing practice) criteria, environmental compatibility standards as well as the quality management standard ISO 9001.

Das Wissen führender schweizer Hautforschung fließt in unsere nachhaltige Kosmetik.
Die nachhaltige Kosmetik ist sanft zur Haut und überzeugt durch die hohe Qualität.


Leading Swiss skin research and biotechnology

In order to ensure the purity and efficiency of Kosho Matcha Effective, its powerful plant-based active substances are extracted in a special procedure, specifically developed in Switzerland. The gentle process and careful formulation is based on the latest findings of Swiss skin research and biotechnology. 
All Kosho Matcha Effective care products are dermatologically tested and offer users maximum safety.
All Kosho Matcha Effective care products are free of allergenic additives such as paraffins, PEGs, mineral oils, parabens and silicones. In addition, all products of this Kosho cosmetics line were of course developed without animal testing.