Byuti Matcha Green Tea

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The Byuti matcha tea is of pure origin, made from 100% organic matcha green tea, using only the finest leaves of the tea plant. Indulging you with its soothing, gentle power, it boosts your natural beauty from within. With its high content of catechins, this mild tea supplies the body with sufficient antioxidants to protect the skin effectively. It also stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, thereby enhancing the uptake of active agents of the Kosho Matcha Effective skin care line.

Vibrant and invigorating, and at the same time relaxing: Byuti matcha tea restores your equilibrium and provides long-lasting, natural energy for body and mind. A uniquely wholesome potion to create the good feeling of noticeably more balance.

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To benefit from its special properties, enjoy your Byuti matcha green tea every day. Heat fresh, soft water to 80 °C. Put half a teaspoon of Byuti matcha green tea into a bowl and add about 80 ml of hot water. Now beat the matcha tea with a bamboo whisk for about 15 seconds until frothy.

Tip: Drink the Byuti matcha tea about 15 minutes before your beauty ritual with Kosho Matcha Effective. The microcirculation of the skin is then stimulated to such an extent that the active ingredients of the facial care are absorbed even better by your skin.



100% organic matcha green tea, produced only by select tea farmers on the Japanese south island of Kyūshū.