NEW: Hand Care Sanitizer

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Kosho Cosmetics: Hand Care Sanitizer

Antibacterial and nourishing hand spray

Kosho Hand Care Sanitizer is the perfect protection for carrying with you on the go. It removes any viruses or bacteria from your hands with 70% organic, purely plant-based alcohol. It also nourishes the skin with plant-based active ingredients and makes dried-out hands feel silky soft. The Hand Care Sanitizer has a delicate fragrance, and you only need to use a little at a time – making it an absolute must-have.


Spray onto your hands and gently rub in several times a day or as needed to immediately kill any viruses and prevent infection. Perfect for on the go.

Kosho Cosmetics: Hand Care Sanitizer

Hand Care Sanitizer

Antibacterial, nourishing hand spray, 60 ml

CHF 9.90 / EUR 9.40

Kosho Cosmetics: Hand Care Sanitizer 3er-Set

Hand Care Sanitizer Set

Antibacterial, nourishing hand spray set, 3 x 60 ml

CHF 26.70 / EUR 25.40