Matcha and the myth of ancient cultures

Precious, of high quality and exquisite – these attributes make matcha green tea unique. Its history goes back a long way: Matcha was first used some 5000 years ago. Nevertheless, it was not until the 9th century that Japanese monks, who became familiar with Zen Buddhism in China, introduced matcha to their homeland. Another three centuries passed until a monk succeeded in cultivating the tea plants in larger fields. While the elaborate manufacturing process was forgotten in China, matcha became a part of high culture in Japan. It served as medicine, increased concentration during meditations and became the centre of the Japanese tea ceremony. Matcha became the jewel in the crown of Japanese teas and the drink of the immortals, which was reserved for the imperial family and the ruling class.




In the twenty-first century matcha was rediscovered and experiences today a renaissance not only as tea, but also in food products particularly valued by conscious consumers. Kosho Matcha Effective now also introduces it as an active ingredient in a cosmetics line that is as exclusive and of high quality as matcha itself. Just like the Japanese tea ceremony, skin care with Kosho Matcha Effective is a special ritual. A ritual for beautiful, youthful skin. And for a deep inner sense of well-being.