Cell Protect Hand Cream

Kosho Cosmetics: Cell Protect Hand Cream
Kosho Cell Protect Hand Cream

Vegan hand cream – your beauty booster with the power of green tea

When we see other people, we usually look at their faces first – and then their hands. And for good reason, as our hands say a lot about us. Greet the world with nourished, healthy hands: after all, hands are the new face!

Kosho’s recently launched Cell Protect Hand Cream is a must-have product for caring for your hands. The cream contains innovative active-ingredient technology, and is especially tailored to the needs of demanding skin. It absorbs quickly, is non-greasy and protects your hands by penetrating deep into the skin and boosting the cellular activity of the nucleus. This leads to lasting regeneration of dried-out hands.

Advantages of the Cell Protect Hand Cream at a glance:

Rich hand cream for very dry, cracked hands

Using hand sanitiser, frequently washing your hands and engaging in physical work can dry out the skin and make it crack. The Cell Protect Hand Cream is beneficial for particularly dried-out hands, as the specially developed innovation of moss extract and organic matcha extract encourages cell renewal. It protects and deeply nourishes dry skin. With its high shea butter content and high-quality, specially balanced plant oils, this rich hand cream leaves your hands feeling silky-soft and lends the skin youthful radiance.

Your hands stay nourished without having to constantly reapply cream

Like an invisible glove, the Cell Protect Hand Cream by Kosho protects your hands for hours. Even after washing your hands, your skin doesn’t dry out – it stays protected and is left feeling supple and nourished. This wonder cream takes sustainable, natural hand care to the next level.

Because beauty and environmental awareness go hand in hand

Natural, vegan and palm oil free

Kosho Cosmetics: Vegan and natural

The Cell Protect Hand Cream from Kosho is one of just a few creams on the market that is 100% palm oil free, 100% vegan and a 100% Swiss natural cosmetic product.

Sustainable tube made of bioplastic

We are mindful of the environment both when it comes to the ingredients in our products and the packaging we use. The Cell Protect Hand Cream tubes are manufactured with eco-plastic, are sugar-based and are 100% recyclable – because a premium hand cream should also be environmentally friendly.

Cell Protect Hand Cream

60 ml

CHF 26.00 / EUR 24.00